Marine Forcast

Below are the best weather maps for local stand up paddleboarding, kiteboarding, & surfing. The NOAA California buoys are about 20-40 miles offsore but typically provide a good estimate for wind. Hot weather can tend to block wind off the coast. Look for coastal temperatures below 70 for the best wind.

NOAA Buoys

Central Coast Wind Map

Deep Water Buoy

Current Conditions

Pismo Wind: ENE at 3.0 mph
Oceano Wind: at mph
San Francisco Buoy: NW at 21.4 kts
Monterey Buoy: NNW at 15.6 kts
San Martin Buoy: NW at 23.3 kts
Santa Maria Buoy: Calm at kts
Pt. Arguello Buoy: Calm at
San Clemente Buoy: Calm at 0.0 kts

Beach Cameras

Pismo North

Pismo South

Shell Beach



Morro Bay